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Dr. Robert H. Fletcher, PhD, P.E.


Robert H. Fletcher, PhD, PE, founder of Utility Planning Solutions in January 2009, is a professional electrical engineer specializing in electric utility distribution system efficiency. Robert photoDr. Fletcher has significantly contributed to the science of distribution efficiency and voltage optimization technologies. He is registered professional electrical engineer in WA, OR, and MT with 40 years experience in electrical distribution systems for utilities. He obtained his BSci, MSci, and PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Washington.

Dr. Robert H. Fletcher, P.E. is directly responsible for all projects undertaken by the company. Using the most advanced cost-savings methods available, Dr. Fletcher performs distribution energy efficiency studies of utility energy distribution systems to detail system enhancements needed and measure and validate the results. He has significantly contributed to the science of distribution efficiency and voltage optimization technologies as a member of the NEEA DEI Advisory Committee, BPA Energy Smart Utility Efficiency, and contributing roles in EPRI Green Circuits Program, and IEEE Power System Planning and Implementation Committee. He has authored or co-authored 18 IEEE published Transaction Papers on the topics of distribution efficiency, optimal planning, reliability engineering, and engineering economics.

Utility Planning Solutions, is a consulting company helping electric utilities increase the efficiency of their distribution systems, saving energy, reducing loses, lowering demand, and increasing end-use efficiency with no negative customer impact.

Utility Planning Solutions performs Voltage Optimization studies of utility distribution systems to determine potential for efficiency enhancement and end-use energy savings. The firm uses industry approved CVR and VO M&V Protocols for measurement and verification without lengthy field testing.

Utility Planning Solutions develops detailed implementation plans for utilities using Voltage Optimization, CVR, and automated Volt/Var methods to achieve cost-effect savings. Efficiency incentives and grants are available in some cases to support implementation of study findings. Generally, the savings far exceed the implementation cost.

Utility Planning Solutions offers technical workshops on design improvements associated with Voltage Optimization, CRV, and automated Volt/Var methods. These workshops are valuable for engineers and other personnel involved in electrical utility standards, system planning and design, metering, and utility resource management.

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